Room Types
Superior City View (Tower)
Superior Spa Wing (Tower)
Superior Sea View (Tower)
Junior Suite (Tower)
Corner Suite (Tower)
Wow Corner Suite (Tower)
Royal Suite (Tower)
Extreme Royal Suite (Tower)
Flint / Terra (Premium Villa)
Flint Pool (Premium Villa)
Wicker (Premium Villa)
Light / Viva (2st Fl. Indirect Pool)
Ozone / Emotion (Ground Fl. Direct Pool)
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The Zign,a masterpiece of a "de-sign" art hotel, is thrived id the modern transformation of arts throughout the time. The sights and sounds of this exotic destination will bring you an unforgettable holiday seduced by the perfect combination of a modern lifestyle and a tropical heaven.



With a small road partitioning the two sides of the Zign, the villas are set amidst a stunning tropical ambience with an adjacent swimming pool as a frontier, and the buildings simply put others in town on different horizon.






Superior City View
Superior Spa Wing
Superior Spa Wing
Superior Sea View

Pop Art

Influenced by the popular culture, this type of rooms is attractive for all pop manias. As pop art is one of the major art movements in the twentieth century, the Pop Art rooms were drawn from advertising and comic books as in popular mass culture.Decorated with Andy Warhol's artwork, the room interior is warm and colourful with the mixture of light and dark shades.




Retro Art

For retro lovers, you have a choice of your own style here. While the interior dates back into the 1950s and 1960s, the rooms are contemporary yet relaxed with the warm shades of colors such as brown grey and red. The furniture made of walnut wood is displayed as the unique characteristics of Retro Art.




Pure Art

The simple yet chic design of Pure Art is gathered here for you to explore. With the blend of pastel colours, the room is relaxed. Yet, gold, green and red are combined to build up your energy and to make the ambiance exciting Moreover, the attention-grabbing bathroom makes you fell so pure with its gall walls.




Junior Suite (Tower)


Inspired by Cubism, the most innovative art revolution in the 20th century, Cubism room is decorated with flamboyantly geometric shapes. The room of Cubism aims to explore the unusual texture, colours, forms, and space. The overall design creates the entertaining sensation for the room itself.

With the size of 72 Sq. M., Cubism Junior Suite boasts 1 bedroom , and 1 living room with an LCD TV, a DVD player and also a small pantry area in extraordinary features.





The design of patterns and curves and all that mix and match is brought to light in the room of Realism. As Realism arts are often depicted in an uncomplicated manner as possible, the room ambiance was made elegant by adding the modern-vintage theme. The flawless combination of colours surely arouses warm vibes to visitors.

With the size of 72 Sq. M., Realism Junior Suite is divided into 1 bedroom , and 1 living room with an LCD TV, a DVD player and also a small pantry area.




Corner Suite (Tower)


Because of his appreciation for the lightness and purity of colour, the French impressionist, Camille Pissarro (1830-1903) favoured the art of landscapes, the sensations of nature, people and animals.

Portrayed by Pissarros technique, this Corner Suite focuses on lines and simply elegant furniture-- the unambiguous character influenced by the art of en plein air nature.

Pissarro Corner Suite of 84 Sq. M. is partitioned into a bedroom, fitted with a writing table and a dressing corner, and a living room with a pantry section and a multi-purpose dining area.




Van Gogh

As a forerunner of Expressionism who had much influence on the modern art history, Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) illustrated his inner world through the intensity of colour and blotchy & aggressive brushwork for oil painting.

The Van Gogh Corner Suite atmosphere is not only tranquil but also intense; the emotional characteristics of Van Goghs deemed distinctive. The spiral-patterned wall represents the Van Gogh style, whereas the bedside lamps act as a guise of the artists visual approaches to the world.

Resembling Pissarro, Van Gogh Corner Suite holds 84 Sq. M., comprises a bedroom fitted with a writing table and a dressing corner, and a living room with a pantry section and a multi-purpose dining area.




Wow Corner Suite (Tower)

The room of WOW Corner Suite holds the size of 112 Sq. M., having a smaller bedroom but a bigger living room than Pissarro/ Van Gogh Corner Suite, however with a more unique display of furniture. A half-circled bar in the living room area is there to get your party started or a cosy night in with your special ones, simply an around the clock of fun with plenty of space to get your grooves on.





Van Gogh




Royal Suite (Tower)


The Picasso Royal Suite is to serve you with complete functions. The room decoration was made in accordance with Picassos expertise, by blending the combination of the two Picasso Cubist periods, extracting geometrical forms, colour plays and monochromatic colour schemes.

With the size of 126 Sq. M., the Picasso Royal Suite features 1 en-suite double and 1 en-suite twin bedrooms, with the living room and a pantry corner located in the centre of the premises.




Extreme Royal Suite (Tower)


Following the Picasso Royal Suite, the Picasso Extreme Royal Suite boasts a bigger area of 168 Sq. M. Like the Monet Extreme Royal Suite, it features 1 en-suite double and 1 en-suite twin bedrooms, and the spacious living room as incomparable as Monets. A similar set up of a dining table for 10 people for the maximum dining experience and other imaginable activities to your desire, plus an all in one pantry area fitted with a bar and stools. The room itself undoubtedly gives you a small Picassos gallery!





Encouraged by Monets style of art, the Monet Extreme Royal Suite was delicately decorated with vibrant colours. The reflection of Monets approach in constant light and colour changing is felt as soon as one enters the room and drains out all attention. Matchless furniture was carefully selected and curtains of two colours are simply put side by side, making the premises lively, in particular by the upshot of man-made lighting.

The Monet Extreme Royal Suite is of 168 Sq. M., fully equipped with 1 en-suite double and 1 en-suite twin bedrooms, and exceptionally the biggest living room of all room types. A dining table for 10 people is ready to cater your needs along with a pantry area fitted with a bar and stools for more companies.





Flint / Terra (Premium Villa)

See the world in the grains of sand. The stunning interiors of Terra are made out of finest textures of modern canvasses of art using clay, bricks and bright colors. Let the smoothness of terrazzo and gentle roughness of clayish interiors, drift you towards calmness




Flint Pool (Premium Villa)

Welcome to the modern Stone Age. Furbished with stone engravings, the beds, itself are attached in atone-brick layout wall. Flint Villa, takes you all the way back to the arts and crafts of Stone Age by filling your life with vibrant waves of Flint.






Wicker (Premium Villa)

Wood doesn't lose its liveliness even after being carved as a new life is embedded through sculptures and designs. Wicker Villa is the rebirth of Wicker art into contemporary furnishing with soft wooden interiors in bright yellowish shade woven twigs. More and more pieces have been appropriately painted and upholstered in such a way that they're perfect for a sweet couple.






Light / Viva (Pool Access Villa)
Ozone / Emotion (Pool Access Villa)



This lounge area will impress you with its interior decor of eclectic installation art and crystal mosaic embellishment. A dazzling island zone as the lounge centre separates the lounge partitions, where loungers can be relaxed by the outside view and the air-conditioned comfort.




Dazzle lounge offers you doxens of signature blends, Thai-inspired cocktails, and other exotic drinks. In addition, while hight tea sets are served from Mondays to Saturdays, a dessert buffet is set on every Sunday to tantalise your palate.

Service hours : 08:00 a.m.-midnight Location : Lobby, Building A


Dessin's cutting edge decor is of modern inspiration, where diners are impressed with modernity and elegance. The sophisticated mezzanine area creates the impeccable ambience that portrays both contemporary yet classic feelings.

The menu is as eclectic as the decor. The coffee shop offers a breakfast, an a la carte menu of international cuisines and of Asian specialty, and a variety of Thai and international buffet, which is located in a large buffet island for you to select.

Service hours: 06:00 a.m.- 11:00 p.m.
Location: Ground Fl., Building A





The most distinctive feature of Chifan is its Cantonese mouthwatering culinary delights. Its inviting menu includes special dim sum made by the chef as treats on offer daily. Here you will be pamered by a unique dining experience of the modern and elegant Chinese interior design. Highlighted by contemporary Chinese graffiti and a mixture of seating differences, diners will absorb the truly Asian sophistication both in Chifan's decoration and its exquisite cuisine.

Service hours : 11:30 a.m.-02:30 p.m. & 06:00 p.m.-10:30 p.m.
Location : Ground Fl., Building B





This seafood restaurant is located amidst the poolside and shoreline atmospheres.Its interior design is emphasised by the theme of natural art with tropical colours.Its signature dishes are of a* la carte menu of Mediterranean cuisine.In addition,at the Scarlet,not only will diners explore the culinary whim of this eating venue's world gastronomy that includes Asian specialty,Australian steaks,along with BBQ buffet dinner grilled to perfection,they will also be able to enjoy the sunset over drinks offered by its alfresco dining.The Scarelet also features to host a private party of up to 200 guests upon request.This place is considered a paradise for all seafood lovers.

Service hours : 11:30 a.m.-11:00 p.m. Location : Separate premises by the pool and seaside





An area fo business operation activities is gathered with the installation art zone,where the initialtive de*cor is selected for exclusivity.The sombre shade of interior setting and oversized furniture has given Biz Bar its unique characteristic.Not only does the atmosphere expose the sense of strength in business talking, it also represents the feelings of compromises possibly made by business negotiators.

While an internet cafe* corner is offered to suit your needs,snacks,tapas and a selection of drinks are catered to lighten your business worries.

Service hours:08:00 a.m. - midnight
Location:Lobby,Building B


Due to its chic design,Frigg Bar has become another casual and alfresco dining spot where you can chill by the pool.Creative drinks are served along with a variety of light snacks and desserts.The friendly ambience and the pool's beauty will undoubtedly lighten up your spirits after exercises.


Service hours : 07:00 a.m.- 08:00 p.m. Location : By swimming pool,Building A


As the Zign's signature restaurant, Moods offers a' la carte menu of funky Asian fusion. Its other inviting dishes embrace a variety of Thai and European recipes. The finest cuisine is made by the chef's choosy blending of the qualuty and combination of freshest ingredients. Be ready to indulge youself with the colourful dishes catered for you both indoor and outdoor areas.

Service hours: 06:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. Location : Premium Villa


The ideal place to escape for a cocktail and snacks, Moods Bar is set by the pool, where your senses can fully absorb the chilled-out ambience of warm swimming pool water and gentle sea breeze.


Service hours: 07:00 a.m. - 08:00 p.m.
Location : By swimming pool , Premium Villa


According to the Hindi language,"Zphora" means' to be as free as abird'. Apart from avoiding the hustle and bustle of the city life, one of the exquisite moments all guests are having is a chance to be pampered at the Zphora Spa, the premise which is specially designed for the ultimate freedom of sensual health and relaxation.

Zphora offers you a comprehensive range of spa holistic treatments along with spa packages with then finest and freshest ingredients fo Zphora's own products. Not only the healing benefits of plants and minerals help to tone, stimulate, and purify the beauty of the skin, they also rejuvenate and invigorate the mind, body and soul of spa lovers.

Full spa facilities and personalised services include Thai traditional massage, foot reflexology and separately-for-men-and-woman hydrotherapy. A steam room and a Jacuzzi bathtub are also offered to suit clients' needs. Moreover, unique Thai traditional


massages at Zphora's Thai pavilion are available for discerning guests to enjoy their blissful retreat of the utmost sense of well-being. A treatment combination of clients' choices is also provided for their perfect spa experience.

The Spa's decoration is inspired by the Thai modern art using contrast-toned colour of black and white or Yin and Yang, which refers to the eternal truth of a balanced life. It boasts 14 exclusive treatment rooms, with 7 rooms for individuals, 6 private rooms for spa-loving couples, and a VIP room. While some treatment rooms are located amidst the serene sea view, others are stunningly designed for guests' indulgence of health elixirs in a harmonious setting of enduring art services.


The experience does not have to end there as the guests are encouraged to further explore the Zphora Bar. At the highest capacity of 40 seats, all health and spa fans are to be impressed by a variety of healthy drinks and a range of exotic and international spa menu offered by Zphora's creative chefs.

Z Fitness

provides one of the most extensive fitness facilities to serve your needs, be it professional or amateur.

Located on the basement floor, the health club features fully-equipped state-of-the-art technology such a life fitness treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes, free weights, strength machines as well as a sauna and personal trainers upon request. Sessions of aerobic and yoga are organised as another option to satisfy your tastes and preferences.

In addition, for your post long hours of exercises, the Z Fitness corner is offered with freshly-squeezed juices, smoothies along with other healthy drinks and light snacks to soothe your physical condition.

Service houses : 07:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Location : Basement FL., Building B

Banqueting and Conference

All banqueting and conference premises are self-contained and positioned with a range of fully equipped state-of-the art facilities. While the main ballrooms are stylishly inspired by sculpture art, moovements, and dimensions (Fidella Grand Ballroom, Fineen and Fauna Ballrooms), other function rooms are encouraged by art's colour theory,each presenting a differently harmonious shade.




With the Fidella Grand Ballroom located by the sea view, all of the 8 halls are exquisitely designed for mettings, serinars,wedding parties along with other social functions and events.The venue's substantial sum of investment guarantees the high standard of hall's function as well as their capacity to host from 50 to 1,300 people.A selection of international menus is also available for banqueting. For a memorable function event, guests are assured to recieve the most outstanding services provided by the Zign's dedicated staff.